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My Family

Allow me to introduce you to my family. I prefer not to use their real names so I've assigned them all aliases that fit their personality.
  First you have my husband. I'll call him Jon, since he sort of reminds me of Jon Arbuckle, that awkward yet adorable comic-strip cartoonist! While his idea of fun may include reorganizing his sock drawer and his pick up lines are cheesier than a Garfield-sized pizza, he's the man of MY dreams! :)

Upon meeting my son, so many people would ask me if I watched "Big Bang Theory"that it got downright weird. It wasn't until my sister sent me a video compilation of one of the characters that I realized why. When did my son get a PhD and start dating Blossom?!?! So while I don't watch the show (no offense to those who do, it's just not my thing), I can't help but call my eerily genius, somewhat anti-social, cat-loving, quirky son... Sheldon.

Then there's my oldest daughter. I'll call her Anne (with an "e")! The only thing separating her from BEING Anne Shirley (besides the fact that she's not adopted) is that her hair isn't red! Lover of beautiful poetry and classic literature; when her nose isn't buried in a book (and she's not getting herself into some scrape by being lost in her imagination when she should be focused on the task at hand) she's busy just being a delightful and helpful little sweetheart.

Lastly, there's my youngest, who I will affectionately refer to on my blog as Vanellope! Sarcastic but sweet; mischievous and adorable, she's my little Schweetie Pie!! She's spunky, fearless, and has a personality many times larger her pint-sized person! Don't let those gentle eyes fool you, she'll tackle you in heartbeat ;)

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