Not everything about the links I share are going to be things I necessarily agree with or endorse, but they all have some valuable things to glean from! Take what you can use :)



  1. Find a place in the country, affordable and zoned agriculture.
  2. Get outbuildings cleaned up and ready for livestock
  3. Get incubator and start building heritage chicken flock.
  4. Begin canning, fermenting, and dehydrating on a small scale.
  1. Set up composting area
  2. Remove excess brush and chip for garden
  3. Plan permaculture zones
  4. Do some container gardening & plant perennials 
  5. Begin plotting and fencing pastures 
  6. Get main garden area covered (cardboard and woodchips) and allow to overwinter and break down the cardboard over the winter and be ready to plant come next spring.
  1. Get some guineas to help keep insect pests at bay
  2. Get some ducks and start building flock
  3. Get garden in
  4. Begin work on orchard (fruit trees, berry bushes, etc)
  5. Set up water catchment system
  6. Expand meat flock.
  7. Start selling duck eggs
  8. Install wood cookstove
  9. Set up greenhouse
  10. Begin selling Orpington chicks and hatching eggs 
  11. Begin a small dairy goat herd
  12. Expand canning and dehydrating
  13. Raise a couple turkeys or geese a year 

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