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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Instant Pot Nikujaga

We love Japanese food in the house (well, my husband doesn't like rice, but he's weird lol) and nikujaga (meat and potatoes) is one of our favourite meals. Today I decided to try making it in my Instant Pot! It turned out really yummy but next time I'll change just a few things;

1) I'll brown the meat and onions with the sauté function first.

2) I'll shave the edges of the potatoes to help keep them from breaking up.

3) I'll cook the meat for about 30 minutes, natural release, then add the veggies and cook 5 minutes.

With those changes, I think the dish will be perfect, but we were HUNGRY and needed it done ASAP and it was still absolutely delicious!

Instant Pot Nikujaga


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