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Friday, June 16, 2017


Oh my goodness y'all SO MUCH has been going on lately! I really want to start giving my blog more attention but things have been happening so fast this year I've hardly had time to catch my breath let alone blog about it!  Here's a super-condensed version of what 2017 has been like so far!

  • As you can see from an earlier post, our flock is expanding! We had no luck with incubators. Even though we now have a good rooster (friendly AND fertile!), electricity is not very reliable in rural Ontario. The power goes out at least briefly several times a month it seems! If it so much as flickers our incubator shuts off and especially if it happens at night, by the time someone notices the incubator is off it's too late! However, we've had 2 hens go broody so far this year! One hatched out a couple chicks early this month and another is "due" tomorrow :). 
  • Speaking of our flock they are really earning their keep! Not only do we have all the eggs we need, we have lots of buyers for our excess. We've also gotten a few chicken dinners from them already.
  • One thing we are not that happy about is we have had to stop letting them free range. We lost one when she got run over in the driveway (they are so friendly they SWARM cars that show up (cars= people, people=food & attention) and even if people drive slow they can't always get out of the way if they're ALL in the way! Also, they like to range into the neighbouring fields, and now that crops are in we don't want them eating the neighbour's crops (or coming in contact with the chemicals they spray on said crops :s ), So they are not very happy to be confined to their run, but in the very near future we'll be putting up portable fences to make them pastures we can rotate through to get the benefits of free ranging without so many of the risks.
  • Our garden is in! I was really wanting to put in a Back to Eden garden this year but we didn't get to it last fall, and with everything else going on this year we were running out of time to put in ANY garden! Also, since we are renting here and our long term goals are a little uncertain at this point so we decided we would wait until we had those goals made before we start putting that kind of time and effort into permaculture! So our dear friends from Homestead Acres came and tilled up our garden bed for us and gave us a BOATLOAD of extra heirloom veggie transplants to get us started! So for the past week, we have been working on getting the ground ready for planting, and getting in as many of the transplants as we could! Tomorrow I'm making some planting templates to help me space all the seeds I bought. I'm using Square Foot Gardening plant spacings to make wide rows in the garden. I'll make a garden video soon!
Well, that's about as short as I can keep it! I'm hoping to have the planting finished this week then I'll have a little more time to squeeze in some blogging and videos! I have so many ideas in the queue, so stay tuned!

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