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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

When You Just Don't Love Liver

My kids actually don't hate liver, and my husband likes it, I'M the one who needs more ways to get this nutritious item in, which is odd since I LOVED plain boiled liver as a child! I do like pate and I make a real tasty liver and apple dish but I want another way to get more in. Enter liver pucks...

I buy a couple pounds of liver, soak it in the fridge overnight in water with a generous splash of vinegar or lemon juice, then I puree it in my Vitamix. I pour the resulting goo (which my daughter dubbed "liver pudding") into muffin cups lined with cling film, freeze, then pop the pucks of frozen liver puree out, wrap them in the film and put them in a freezer bag. Anytime I make anything with ground beef/lamb (which is once or twice a week) I thaw and add 1 puck for every pound of meat. You can use other organ meats as well, keep in mind though that they may not puree as smoothly as liver and then you might have texture issues. Works for me!

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