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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sprouting Center

I picked up this metal dishrack at a Scratch & Dent store and quickly regretted it. It's big, cumbersome, and doesn't tuck away anywhere when not needed! Being a bit of a hoarder  photo blushing.gif I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it so it sat lonely and dejected in the basement. Poor dishrack, it wasn't ITS fault it was poorly designed and useless  photo hanghead.gif  .

Fast forward a while and I realized I needed somewhere to set up my sprouting paraphernalia. Guess who came instantly to mind?! That's right, none other than Mr. Awkward Dishrack! So I brought him up, dusted him off, and while he really wasn't good at drying dishes, he is AMAZING at holding my various sprouting vessels! On the bottom it holds my sprouter (I use that for sprouts we're going to eat in salads or sandwiches and they grow nice and straight in there.) and any jars of seeds that are soaking. The top rack holds my mason jars (which I use to sprout grains, beans or other large sprouts) at the perfect angle, allowing excess water to drain off and air to circulate! THANK YOU DISHRACK MAN!!!  photo genius.gif

The only thing is I don't know where to put him! I don't want him cluttering up my counters (I prefer to keep my counters as clear as possible and I'm already having to compromise by keeping some appliances and canisters up there! For now the girls have lent me one of their little tables to set him on until I figure out where he'll live long term.

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