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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Smoothie Packs

Every now and again you come across an idea that just revolutionizes how you do something! I don't recall where I first ran across this idea but this was DEFINITELY one of THOSE! I like to start the day with a probiotic and nutrient rich smoothie, problem is, my brain does not fully wake up until sometime after breakfast! What this means is that when I'm throwing together a smoothie, I'm too tired to think of anything creative! I just toss in whatever happens to be the first bag of fruit I find in the freezer! Smoothies were tasty, but nothing really special, and of course not as nutritionally diverse as a smoothie with a wider variety of fruit!

Then, somewhere online, I found the idea of putting together little packages of fruit and freezing them for smoothies! BRILLIANT!!! Now I get a whole week of smoothie packs made at a time and in the freezer so I don't have to use too much brain power first thing in the morning!

These particular packs contained...

  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • mangoes
  • peaches
  • green grapes and
  • 1 tbsp raw honey each (because I'm usually too tired to remember to add it in the morning LOL)
Now when I wake up all I have to do is dump a pint of 2nd ferment milk kefir (since I culture it in pints I just have to dump in the jar, no measuring), a cup of plain milk (or preferably coconut milk if I have it), and the contents of one smoothie pack into my Vitamix and let 'er rip for 1 minute. When I have them, I like to throw a raw free range egg or two in there as well! This makes enough for us all to have a glass! The kids love it and it makes me so happy to see them starting the day with something so nutritious! 

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