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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Making those Workouts STICK

I am NOTORIOUS for beginning a weight loss or exercise program with gusto, only to give up shortly afterwards. A lot of learning about myself, and how to address the roadblocks I encountered have really made a difference. I no longer fear that I'll lose momentum in a week, I know I'm in this for life now! Here are some tips that I have learned in my journey so far!

  • Get yourself some workout clothes that make you feel amazing! If you're working out because you want to feel good about how you look, putting on workout clothes that don't meet that criteria really will have a negative impact! So ditch the the stained tee shirt and grubby sweat pants (not that I'VE ever worn anything like that of course  photo innocent_zpsn5ijtvyh.gif ) and find some work out clothes that you feel good in! I have 2 sets of workout clothes and both of them make me feel awesome! One is this shirt I got from Old Navy with black exercise pants and one is some shimmery, leopard print leggings (and no those aren't my legs lol, those are just the leggings I have) with a teal tank top! I feel positively fierce in them and feeling good during the process is so important to sticking with it!

  • Do yourself a favour and invest in a good sports bra! Don't make the same mistake I did at first and think that if no one will see you workout it doesn't matter. IT MATTERS!!!! *ouch*

  • Stay away from negative people! Negativity and excuses are highly contagious!  Surrounding yourself with Negative Nellys and Excuse Eds will more than likely drag you down with them. Especially if it's already hard for you to stay motivated, you really need to quiet the nay-sayers!
  • Mix it up! One reason I gave up a lot is that my personality is one that gets board easily. I change directions swiftly and abruptly. If my diet or fitness program can't change along with me, it gets left behind! Problem is I'm also an awful perfectionist. If I decided that one workout or diet plan was THE right one, then when my interests changed, I wouldn't do ANYTHING! Allowing myself to switch it up anytime I feel like it means I'm always doing SOMETHING which is WORLDS better than doing NOTHING because it's not what I've convinced myself is the BEST thing. FLEXIBILITY is a big key for me!
  • Just like you'll have a hard time sticking with exercise if you don't feel good in what you're wearing, you wont stick to it if you don't feel good about what you're DOING! It doesn't matter how good for you swimming is, it wont do you a lick of good if you can't swim! Rock climbing may be a great workout for some, but if you're terrified of heights it's probably not the right thing for you! Doing an exercise because you feel a sense of obligation....wont last. There are SO MANY options nowadays I can practically guarantee you will find SOMETHING you enjoy! Keep trying until you do because if you enjoy what you do, YOU'LL DO IT MORE! Which brings me to my next tip...,
  • One of the best tips I have ever heard about finding the best means to your goal is to find out why you REALLY want to exercise, find out how you want to feel. You kinda have to pretend to be a 2 year old and keep asking why. "Because I want to good in a swimsuit" is a common first response, but then ask why you want to look good in a swimsuit. When you get that answer ask yourself why you want to do/look/whatever that! Keep going until you arrive at a deep feeling you want to feel. You'll know you're there when you look at your answer and feel a strong emotional response to it. Now see for me, being skinny was not enough of a drive to ever make me stick to anything! When I did this little exercise it was a real eye opener. I discovered that deep down at the core, I felt  weak, vulnerable, worthless, and unprotected. Ouch! That worthless part...yeah that has changed a LOT in the last year or so. It wasn't until I started to address that that ANYTHING really began to change! But I was still left feeling weak and helpless! I wanted to feel strong, capable, powerful and safe! THOSE were the core feeling I needed to accomplish, not a particular dress size! So when I would try things to get the smaller dress size, and those things didn't address those core need wouldn't last! There are 2 main forms of exercise that work together to achieve optimal results, strength training and cardio. For me strength training was easy! I always thought women lifting weights was a little....well....WEIRD! I was shocked to find that when I started doing it....I LOVED it! Why? Because it met those deep inner needs! You can't help but feel strong when you're weightlifting! What about cardio? Well, think about it! If the goal is to feel powerful and self reliant, which cardio activity would better meet those needs? Step aerobics? Or something like, say, kickboxing? If someone core need is to feel sexy, which might suit them better? Rowing.....or something like Zumba? Address that deep down core need feeling and you'll find yourself meeting your other goals much easier!
  • This last tip goes right along with that last one. There were two main reasons I've struggled with my weight. I learned one of them a couple years ago when I realized I was a food addict. However, just knowing that wasn't enough to change. I could try to address the amount of food I ate, but it was really treating the symptoms and not the cause, so like many things, it didn't last. The other thing I had to learn was WHY I was addicted to food. Remember, deep down inside I had a lot of pain and insecurity. I felt worthless for so much of my life! The thing you have to realize about obesity is that most of the time, the fat is not made simply out of too many cheeseburgers! It's made of the pain and emotions that those cheeseburgers were trying to push down out of view. Trying to fix the food problem without addressing those painful feelings, just like working out in ways that won't feed the feelings you NEED, is a recipe for failure. You may manage to break the addiction to food, but the odds are you'll replace it with another self-destructive addiction. So along with proper nutrition and exercise, don't neglect your emotional health. Find someone you can talk to to help you work through the emotional weight (be it a councillor, a good friend, a pastor/priest/rabbi/whathaveyou) and you'll find the physical weight will come off that much easier!

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