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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Healthy Fudge-Pops

I LOVE Fudgesicles! I make chocolate kefir popsicles, and while they are delicious, the texture is more crystalline. I was seriously hankerin' for that smooth creaminess that Fudgesicles have but wasn't sure how to go about recreating them. Then I came across this recipe and it sounded so good, but I didn't have enough coconut cream! So I decided to half the recipe and make it as a pudding/mousse. As I was blending it together it reminded me of blending up a box of Jello instant pudding, which made me think of Pudding Pops, which made me think of Fudgesicles, which made me reach for some Popsicle molds and freeze some.

Now as you can see from the picture, mine turned out a little gritty. That's because the brand of coconut cream I used is a little gritty. It was not bothersome but a smoother brand would take care of that if it bothers you. I have to say these REALLY hit the spot! Smooth and creamy, just like a Fudgesicle! These wont be my standard frozen treat, as I like to use popsicles as a way to get probiotics into us and these are not probiotic (though they would be if you cultured the coconut cream first! Hmmmm), but when I need that cold creamy fix, this will be my go to recipe!

1 can coconut cream
2 tbsp raw honey
1/3 cup raw cacao powder or cocoa powder
pinch salt
1/2 tsp vanilla (or mint extract, or orange extract!)
Dark Chocolate stevia drops to taste (you want the mixture to be a bit sweeter than you want the frozen pops to be)

Beat together, pour into molds and freeze!

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