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Monday, May 9, 2016

Baby Care Series: Homebirth

My first baby was born in a hospital with an OB and it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life! After that I never wanted to have another child! Well, I DID, but I didn't want to have another BIRTH if they were like my first! Eventually my desire for more children lead me to do some research to see what my options were. That's when I discovered midwives! My next child was born at home with midwives and was a wonderful, healing experience. My last child was also a homebirth, and though as a 10 pounder, I wouldn't exactly call her birth "wonderful" (hey, before and after...great, but pushing the human equivalent of a thanksgiving TURKEY out of one's own body....yeah, not a whole lot of positives can be said in that moment ;) ) but I would do it again in a heartbeat! While looking for some links to share here, I was greatly disappointed to see how much homebirthing is still being "poopooed" by the mainstream! It seemed people were starting to come around for a while and now it's back to bashiing, what a shame. I'll include a couple links, but I am sad that people just looking into homebirthing are going to have a harder time finding accurate information and not fear-mongering :( . Basically, I think homebirthing is a WONDERFUL option for low-risk mothers, protecting mama and baby from unnecessary interventions (that DO carry real risks!) and exposure to superbugs!

Study finds no increased risk

Safety of Midwife Assisted Homebirth Confirmed

Some tips:

- fill a crock pot with warm water and leave it on warm or low, with the lid off. Instant warm compresses for stretching skin

-I took this Gentle Birth Formula leading up to the birth of my second child. By FAR the easiest birth I had!

-Before the birth, make your bed, then cover it with plastic sheets (put pillows in garbage bags and tape shut and make it again (with older sheets you wont mind getting stained). After the birth you can pull off the dirty sheets and you are left with a clean, ready made bed!

- Prepare some of this herbal sitz bath for recovery

- Use some to make an infusion, spritz some pads (preferably cloth) with the infusion and put them in the freezer! Soothing and healing after the birth!

- Drink lots of nettle infusion leading up to birth so mama and baby have good vitamin k stores!

- Tinctures of motherwort or ground ivy are excellent for afterpains

- If you experience post-partum depression, my favourite remedy is lemon balm! Either a cup of infusion (with milk and honey!) or 3ml of tincture 3 times a day. Blessed thistle is another good one. Up to 4 ml of the tincture a day.

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