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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Homeschool Planning: Part 3- Assignment Books

Each of my girls have a plain composition book where every evening I take a few minutes to write down their assignments for the next day. Here's a look at Anne's...

Here I have all of her independent tasks written out for her (the list doesn't include all the things we do together, just what she can do on her own). I also record the day of school it is (today was the 54th day of school this year) and the date (so they can't say they didn't date their work because they didn't know what the date was ;) ).

And here's a peek at Vanellope's.

When we finish our morning time where we do all our combined work the girls take their assignment books and can complete their assignments in any order they wish in any location they wish. They check off the tasks as they do them and hand in their books with their completed work when they are done.

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