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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Homeschool Planning: Part 2- Curriculum Binder

This binder holds curriculum and worksheets for each of our subjects. I'm just putting this together at the moment so it's not complete yet.

First section is for Religious Studies.

In here I have a printout from Torah Sisters with the 2017 Torah Portion schedule. In this section I'll also have things like hymns for us to learn, notebooking pages for our Bible readings, etc,

Next comes Language Arts.

We've been using these workbooks from Queen Homeschool Supplies for language arts. They come as bound books but I like to cut them apart and hole punch them so we can put the completed pages into the girls personal binders. In this section I'll also have things like blank copywork pages, etc.

I don't have anything in the Literature section yet, but I'm planning to make lists of the books that the girls will be reading and the number of chapters they each have to make it a bit easier to assign their daily reading. I'll also print off some relevant notebooking pages to keep in there.

Next is the Math section.

We use Life of Fred as a fun supplement that we do together in the morning. I have the books and chapters recorded here and I just cross off the lessons as we complete them.

Then I have the girls' individual math lessons recorded. We use Teaching Textbooks for our main math curriculum. Vanellope is doing Math 5 this year and Anne is doing 2 lessons a day and is going to complete year 6 and as much of 7 as she can this year. I let my children progress at a rate that is right for THEM not at the rate someone else decides they SHOULD. I find when they are allowed to take it nice and slow they get to a point where it clicks and then they rapidly catch up. Vanelope is in grade 5 but she ended last year just starting grade 3 math. However, when she began this term she was able to skip 3 and 4 and go right on to 5. Anne, who had started the term at grade 5 math also found herself progressing rapidly. She finished level five in two months and is moving through level 6 at twice the usual pace. I have no doubt she will be "caught up" if not by the end of this year then early in the next. When they are ready, they are ready, and not a moment before!

Next comes History.

We are reading Child's History of the World as our main history curriculum this year. So first in this section are notebooking pages for each chapter..

Vanellope is reading A Pioneer Story for her individual history study. So I have a basic plan for that as well as any notebooking pages she'll need for it.

I don't have anything in the Geography section yet but this is where I'll be putting the maps and workpages they'll be doing as the year progresses.

Nothing yet in Social Studies.

Next comes the Science section.

I have notebooking pages in here for Anne's science lessons,

and Vanellope's.

Nature Study

Artist Study

Composer Study

In Handicraft I'll be putting a list of ideas and instructions with supply lists.

Same for Arts & Crafts.

In Poetry I'll keep the poems I print out for us to read.

Folk Tales and Songs

And any worksheets we'll need for learning our Foreign Language.

Next post will be on the thrid part of my homeschool scheduling; my children's Assignment Books. 

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