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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Homeschool Planning: Part 1- Planner

I laminated the covers and trimmed off the excess plastic, then I had it spiral bound at Staples.

The first page is just the school year and my children's current grades.

Then I have the year at a glance and a lined page for notes.

Next comes the attendance page. I have months sectioned off into our 4 school terms (we start our school year in January instead of September, makes more sense to me.). I have the weekends grayed out and then I just shade in the days we do school in green. I record how many days we school in each month, and how many we've done in each term. Since I aim for 180 school days in a year I broke it down to a target of 45 days per term. We're nearly at the end of our first term this year and we are already over target. If we get more days done in a term than I plan for it means that if we end up having a hard time in another term (maybe we're having one of those fun times where everyone keeps coming down with various things :p ) we won't fall behind!

Next 2 page spread is where I record the curriculum materials we're using this year. I left some blank to pencil in.

Then I have a list of the websites we use for school.

Next few pages are for recording the things I still need to purchase for the year. 

Now we move on to the first term of the year. 

Since I put this together mid-March I don't have any pages after January and February.

Basically, I have the month's calendar and a lined page for notes...

Then for each week that month, I have a two-page spread. The page on the left has the artist and composer we're studying currently as well as our weekly subjects. The page on the right is for our daily work.

The pattern repeats for the rest of the year.

At the end of every week I plan out our next week's lessons. I've learned not to try and plan the whole year, or even a term at once because then if we end up missing a day or taking a week off everything is out of order and it drives me crazy! So I just plan one week at a time then if anything doesn't get done it can just be recorded in the NEXT week and nothing gets out of whack lol.

Next post will be about the second part of my planning; my curriculum binder.

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