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Monday, June 13, 2016

Easy, Delicious, & Customizable Pancakes

I love pancakes, but the problem is I could never make them taste quite as good as the boxed mix ones! I prefer to make things from scratch so it irked me that I had to rely on a box! I've tried so many recipes but they never turn out as light, fluffy, and delicious as that darn mix! Well, I decided to forget about using a recipe and just wing it. Well I wish I'd tried that sooner because BLAMMO!! First try and they were BETTER than the box! I've made them a few times during the past week (quick easy meal as we unpack) and they have turned out perfect each time!

This recipe is very forgiving, you're going for a texture not an amount so it's easy to scale up or down.

First scoop some self raising flour into your bowl. I've used both store bought and homemade and both were lovely. I didn't spoon the flour in and level with a knife, I just scooped the cup in and shook to level. I found I get roughly 6 pancakes for each cup of flour.

Then I added melted butter. I didn't measure but I estimate I used about 1/4 cup when I used 2 cups of flour. Scale up or down, it wont matter much. You could use oil if you want but butter's so yummy!

Crack in some eggs. When I used 2 cups of flour I used 3 eggs, when I used 1 cup of flour I used 2. I'm pretty sure I could have used one more or less and it wouldn't have mattered much. Like I said, very forgiving recipe.

If you want to add some vanilla, add a little now.

I poured in a couple tablespoons of maple syrup, you don't have to, or use honey or sugar. No big deal.

Now for the liquid, I've used plain milk and buttermilk, both were delicious. Use what you have. You want to add enough to make it the consistency you prefer. I added about 75% the amount of milk as flour to start with (3/4 cup liquid for each cup of flour) to start with then added more if needed.

Mix with a whisk until just mixed. Lumps are fine just mix until you don't see any more flour. Then cover with a tea towel and let the batter rest while you preheat your pan. I used my favourite cast iron skillet and turned the burner to medium medium low (4 on my stove) and let the pan heat and the batter rest for 10-15 minutes.

If you want to add any goodies (like the blueberries I added to today's ones) fold them in now. Melt some fat in the skillet. I've used both butter and coconut oil, all good, and fry them up!

So delicious! I love cooking by method rather than recipe as it gives so much room for creativity! Want pumpkin pancakes? Replace some of the liquid with mashed pumpkin, add some pumpkin pie spice, and fold in some walnuts before frying! Want something more savory? Replace some of the flour with cornmeal (I'd add a little baking powder to compensate) and fold in some corn kernels and/or sautéed onions and peppers! Sky's the limit!

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