Not everything about the links I share are going to be things I necessarily agree with or endorse, but they all have some valuable things to glean from! Take what you can use :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Marinated Feta

"Hi, my name is Amanda, and I'm a Fetaholic."

Oh yes, I love me some feta cheese! I'm the one raiding everyone's greek salads looking for that perfect bite of feta. Where many women would love to be given flowers or chocolates, just give me a tub of feta and I'm yours forever :p!

There's only one thing better than a lovely hunk of feta cheese, and that's my MARINATED feta cheese! Seriously people, this has got to be one of the tastiest things I have ever put in my face! It is YUMMY!! It's crazy easy too! Don't worry about measurements, just throw it together and prepare to have your tastebuds tingle!

1. Cube up some feta, as much as you like and place in a bowl.
2. Add some dried oregano, fresh cracked pepper, and a clove or 2 of garlic, minced really fine. If you like things spicy, add some hot pepper flakes while you're at it!
3. Drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil.
4. Now jazz it up with something tangy. You can use some fresh lemon juice, or a splash of wine vinegar, but if you REALLY want to make your tongue weep with joy, use some of the juice from your favourite olives!

These are the kind of olives I always have in the fridge. I get them from Costco and  they are divine! Swimming in a brine of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil!

5. Mix it all up and let marinate overnight in the fridge.

That's all there is to it! Just remember to allow it to come to room temperature before serving as the extra virgin olive oil will have solidified in the fridge. Easy peasy feta cheesy! Makes a FANTASTIC addition to a Shabbat menu!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Menu Plan {Hooray I Remembered} Monday

Monday- Beef & barley soup and salad

Tuesday- Sourdough impossible tuna and pea pie, broth, and salad

Wednesday- Baked salmon with NT's creamy dill sauce, fried potatoes, broth, and coleslaw (homemade mayo)

Thursday- Creamy chipotle and pineapple chicken, rice (cooked in broth), and salad

Friday- Sourdough pizza (green peppers, mushrooms, olives and pineapple), broth, and salad

Saturday- Crock pot butter chicken, rice (cooked in broth)/potatoes (for the guys since they won't tolerate eating rice more than once a week lol), salad, and pumpkin kugel

Sunday- Roast chicken, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, cabbage, and salad


I've recently started only planning our supper meals and instead of planning out breakfasts and lunches I just make sure we keep our favourite staples in stock.

Breakfasts: I always make us a kefir smoothie to start with, that way I know we're starting the day with some serious nutrition; probiotics from the kefir, healthy fats from the coconut oil, and all the nutrients in the soaked flax and chia seeds, berries, and maca! Sometimes I'll even throw in a couple fresh egg yolks if we have them and we're not having eggs for breakfast that day! Then for our breakfast, we will usually alternate between oatmeal (which I've fermented ahead of time with sourdough starter to make more digestible and nutritious. Though since I'm sensitive to oats even if fermented I like to make myself a plate of risotto on oatmeal days!) and eggs in some form (Jon, Sheldon, and Vanellope prefer them fried over easy, Anne will only eat them scrambled with ketchup or hard-boiled, and I like either a cheese omelette or just the whites fried in butter, yum!). We'll usually have something a little fancier for Shabbat, like a paleo apple crisp, sourdough crepes or waffles (prepared ahead), or some kind of muffins or quick bread.

Lunches: I used to try making a soup or stew every day for lunch but then only the kids and I were getting the health benefits of bone both. Especially now that Sheldon works full time I decided to serve broth with suppers instead so we all get to enjoy it, though it does still find it's way into us ladies diets throughout the day (I love keeping a crock pot of purpetual broth going! It's always ready when I need it!) We like to use lunch as our tea time a lot. We'll put on some classical music (from whichever composer we happen to be studying at the time), break out the fancy tea set, and enjoy dainty sandwhiches and treats with our tea. The girls love it and surprisingly it's one of the things Sheldon misses about being home during the day! He says it's the genetic influence of his English great-grandmother ;). Also, since the girls and I love rice as much as the guys hate it, we use their absence to indulge ourselves with it. We love japanese food (and right now I'm really digging middle eastern cuisine!) so I make that a lot too.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Menu Plan {oops it's not} Monday

Ummm, yeah.....I totally forgot I was going to post this on Monday, so we'll just pretend ok? ;)

Monday- Sourdough chicken and dumplings, and salad

Tuesday- Sourdough Impossible Taco Pie, soup, and salad

Wednesday- Brown rice macaroni and cheese, soup, and salad

Thursday- Sourdough Impossible Pizza Pie (w/ homemade pepperoni), soup, and salad

Friday- Za'atar pizza with tomatoes and feta cheese on a sourdough crust, soup, and salad

Saturday- Honey chicken, israeli salad, potato salad (homemade mayo)

Sunday- Roast chicken, steamed broccoli, soup, and salad

Monday, July 25, 2016

Gearing Up to Start

One more week until school starts [ETA- We went back to starting our school year in January, makes so much more sense to me!] and I spent today getting ready! We got our second order of books for the year...

With this order we have everything we need to get started!

I set up my teaching station; my nice comfy chair, one of those little doohickies that keep your tea or coffee warm, and a basket with the books we'll be reading from most frequently...

We bought that table when Sheldon was a newborn!
Can you tell it's 16 years old? LOL
I've got our blackboard and school schedule set up right up on the wall...

Going to have to get Sheldon to rethink how he hangs his internet cable

I got the shelves all organized...

Still got a few things on top that need to find a home (just a few more things left to unpack yet) but top shelves are books we'll be using in the future. The second shelves are for things we're using this year. The next shelves are for the girls' school things, one each. The bottom two shelves on the brown set are for equipment and board games. Second to bottom on the white shelves are reference books and the bottom is for books that can take anytime they want.

Between the shelves and my desk live the girls' instruments. Anne's violin (which belonged to her great grandfather!) and Vanellope's djembe. The keyboard lives on the other side of the room.

Here it is, over by the computer/ tv area; which the girls forgot to tidy up I see :p.

I've also been working on cooking ahead for the freezer.

This here is 6 lbs of ground beef I cooked up with onions and green peppers (as well as 2 cups of pureed liver!). This I froze in 2 cup portions which gave me a good head start on 10 meals! I also put up another jar of fermented veggies (ginger carrots this week). I really let our diet slide with all the stress of the moving situation but I'm easing back into it. My sourdough starter is quite active and busy now, I'll be putting up some big batches of sourdough goodies this week; tortillas. and english muffins... loading up the freezer for quick healthy meals!

 I also just got some kefir grains from my MIL (thankfully I'd given her some before mine died!), and I'm putting up one jar of veggies up a week so starting August 15th we'll have a jar of beautiful ferments ready every week! I found a local source for kombucha and water kefir starts but I want to take my ferments back up one at a time so I don't get overwhelmed (I am so bad at jumping into too much at once and burning out!). I think the next thing on my list will be to purchase a new matsoni culture. We eat a LOT of yogurt and I've never been real great at thermophilic yogurts. Matsoni is a little thinner than we like our yogurt but I have a great greek yogurt maker that will take care of that! However that will have to wait a bit, we really went all out on the school books this year (this is going to be the best year EVERS!!!! <3 ), not to mention we still need to get a good snowblower before winter and the car is wanting some attention, but when I have a bit to spare, matsoni's where it's at ;).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cooking Dry Beans

One job that I don't particularly care for in the kitchen is picking through beans. Hate it! It's so monotonous yet if not done I'll be left with beans with hard crunchy shriveled beans and a few even crunchier pieces of rock! So if I can't avoid doing the job, I want to at least avoid doing it so often! So when I make beans I don't make any less than 2 lbs at a time. That way we can have bean dishes several times and only have to pick through once.

Actually, for many years I'd only buy canned beans! I knew dry beans were much cheaper (and with the high salt content plus the risk of unpleasant things leaching from the can, much healthier too) but the process of preparing them seemed too much work compared to opening a can! Well, I needn't have avoided them because aside from the dreaded picking process (the bane of my existence :p) they are so easy to make! I make big batches and then freeze what I don't need immediately in can sized portions (2 cups cooked and drained beans, add 1/2 cup of the cooking liquid if your recipes tend to require a can of beans with the liquid but not many do).

1- Empty bag (or bags) of beans into a bowl and pick through; discarding stones and cracked or shriveled beans.

2- Rinse and cover by a couple inches with cool water. Cover the container and let soak about 8 hours or overnight.

3- Drain and rinse the beans and place beans in a crock pot (I use a 3 quart if making a single pound but let's face it, why make a single pound?! I do 2 or 3 pounds at a time and use a 5-7 quart crockpot). Cover with fresh water or bone broth (broth is healthiest but if I'm making something like hummus or black bean brownies I don't want them tasting like chicken!) by a couple inches and cook them 3-4 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low. I like to put my beans on to soak in the morning, then get them in the crockpot just before I go to bed and cook them on low overnight. Then first thing in the morning drain them and pop them in the fridge to cool. Once I use what I need that day I portion and freeze the rest.

How simple is that?! I do keep a few cans around for use when the need for beans strike when I hadn't the foresight to replenish my freezer stash, but so long as I'm careful to make a new batch when I use up the last of the old it's nearly as convenient as canned! Even if I forget to thaw them it doesn't take too long to thaw them in a colander under warm running water in a pinch!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Easy, Delicious, & Customizable Pancakes

I love pancakes, but the problem is I could never make them taste quite as good as the boxed mix ones! I prefer to make things from scratch so it irked me that I had to rely on a box! I've tried so many recipes but they never turn out as light, fluffy, and delicious as that darn mix! Well, I decided to forget about using a recipe and just wing it. Well I wish I'd tried that sooner because BLAMMO!! First try and they were BETTER than the box! I've made them a few times during the past week (quick easy meal as we unpack) and they have turned out perfect each time!

This recipe is very forgiving, you're going for a texture not an amount so it's easy to scale up or down.

First scoop some self raising flour into your bowl. I've used both store bought and homemade and both were lovely. I didn't spoon the flour in and level with a knife, I just scooped the cup in and shook to level. I found I get roughly 6 pancakes for each cup of flour.

Then I added melted butter. I didn't measure but I estimate I used about 1/4 cup when I used 2 cups of flour. Scale up or down, it wont matter much. You could use oil if you want but butter's so yummy!

Crack in some eggs. When I used 2 cups of flour I used 3 eggs, when I used 1 cup of flour I used 2. I'm pretty sure I could have used one more or less and it wouldn't have mattered much. Like I said, very forgiving recipe.

If you want to add some vanilla, add a little now.

I poured in a couple tablespoons of maple syrup, you don't have to, or use honey or sugar. No big deal.

Now for the liquid, I've used plain milk and buttermilk, both were delicious. Use what you have. You want to add enough to make it the consistency you prefer. I added about 75% the amount of milk as flour to start with (3/4 cup liquid for each cup of flour) to start with then added more if needed.

Mix with a whisk until just mixed. Lumps are fine just mix until you don't see any more flour. Then cover with a tea towel and let the batter rest while you preheat your pan. I used my favourite cast iron skillet and turned the burner to medium medium low (4 on my stove) and let the pan heat and the batter rest for 10-15 minutes.

If you want to add any goodies (like the blueberries I added to today's ones) fold them in now. Melt some fat in the skillet. I've used both butter and coconut oil, all good, and fry them up!

So delicious! I love cooking by method rather than recipe as it gives so much room for creativity! Want pumpkin pancakes? Replace some of the liquid with mashed pumpkin, add some pumpkin pie spice, and fold in some walnuts before frying! Want something more savory? Replace some of the flour with cornmeal (I'd add a little baking powder to compensate) and fold in some corn kernels and/or sautéed onions and peppers! Sky's the limit!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Watching a Thunderstorm

Hubs and I sat out on our porch and watched a thunderstorm the other night.

This little guy chilled with us for a while

All done!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beanie Wienies

This is comfort food at it's best for me! Serve with corn bread, over toast, or (my favourite) over mashed potatoes.

1 medium onion, diced
1 green pepper, diced
2 tbsp butter

Saute in a saucepan until nicely browned.

6 franks (I used chicken ones, beef are nice too), cut into coins.

Add and brown.

2 cans maple baked means

the BEST!!
Add and simmer for a few minutes to allow the flavours to meld.

That's it! Simple food that's quick, easy, and tastes fantastic!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Baby Care Series: Homebirth

My first baby was born in a hospital with an OB and it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life! After that I never wanted to have another child! Well, I DID, but I didn't want to have another BIRTH if they were like my first! Eventually my desire for more children lead me to do some research to see what my options were. That's when I discovered midwives! My next child was born at home with midwives and was a wonderful, healing experience. My last child was also a homebirth, and though as a 10 pounder, I wouldn't exactly call her birth "wonderful" (hey, before and after...great, but pushing the human equivalent of a thanksgiving TURKEY out of one's own body....yeah, not a whole lot of positives can be said in that moment ;) ) but I would do it again in a heartbeat! While looking for some links to share here, I was greatly disappointed to see how much homebirthing is still being "poopooed" by the mainstream! It seemed people were starting to come around for a while and now it's back to bashiing, what a shame. I'll include a couple links, but I am sad that people just looking into homebirthing are going to have a harder time finding accurate information and not fear-mongering :( . Basically, I think homebirthing is a WONDERFUL option for low-risk mothers, protecting mama and baby from unnecessary interventions (that DO carry real risks!) and exposure to superbugs!

Study finds no increased risk

Safety of Midwife Assisted Homebirth Confirmed

Some tips:

- fill a crock pot with warm water and leave it on warm or low, with the lid off. Instant warm compresses for stretching skin

-I took this Gentle Birth Formula leading up to the birth of my second child. By FAR the easiest birth I had!

-Before the birth, make your bed, then cover it with plastic sheets (put pillows in garbage bags and tape shut and make it again (with older sheets you wont mind getting stained). After the birth you can pull off the dirty sheets and you are left with a clean, ready made bed!

- Prepare some of this herbal sitz bath for recovery

- Use some to make an infusion, spritz some pads (preferably cloth) with the infusion and put them in the freezer! Soothing and healing after the birth!

- Drink lots of nettle infusion leading up to birth so mama and baby have good vitamin k stores!

- Tinctures of motherwort or ground ivy are excellent for afterpains

- If you experience post-partum depression, my favourite remedy is lemon balm! Either a cup of infusion (with milk and honey!) or 3ml of tincture 3 times a day. Blessed thistle is another good one. Up to 4 ml of the tincture a day.

Baby Care Series: Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is SO beneficial for both mama and baby! Being so young and inexperienced, and getting NO help at all establishing breastfeeding, my first child was exclusively formula fed. My second baby took to nursing like a fish to water but because my confidence was destroyed after my first experience, I panicked when she started nursing more frequently at 6 weeks and thought I needed to supplement. Well, once she had a bottle, she didn't want to go back. She'd nurse less and less until she was 6 months and then was on formula (and lots of digestion problems :( ) from then on. By the time I had my 3rd child I was well armed with more confidence because I knew I COULD nurse and was much more educated on health and I knew this time formula was NOT an option! I fully expected her to nurse until at least 2 years but she had other plans and weaned herself entirely at 10 months old! However, at least by then she was eating such a wide range of foods and was big enough she was able to forgo formula. I miss this time with my babies so much, but I have continued to educate myself on breastfeeding, both so I can help support my daughters when the times comes, and because I hope to someday become a doula! Here are some interesting and useful links...

-Natural Breastfeeding: a New/Old Approach

-Herbs to support breastfeeding

-If breastfeeding isn't possible (side note; some recipes call for fermented cod liver oil. I do NOT recommend fermented CLO! There is quite a debate going on about it's safety [see herehere and here for more info]. I do not give it to my family and I do not feel comfortable recommending it to others. My favourite brand of cod liver oil by Quantum Labs was discontinued, this is the one I use now.)

-Baby-led Weaning

Baby Care Series: Cloth Diapering

Since my youngest child is 10, diaper days are well behind me (*sniffle*). I didn't give cloth diapering a thought until my first child was nearly out of diapers, but I loved using them once I started! Especially now that I'm more health conscious and know more about the toxicity of the chemicals used in making disposable diapers (and pads by the way), I really recommend them! I used several different varieties of clothies over the years my children used them, my favourites were 100% cotton prefolds and waterproof covers (though I recommend leaving the cover off as much as possible!). Here are some tips and links for more information...

-Dry pail vs wet pail system

-Snappi Pinless Diaper Fastener

-If you use pins, stick them in a bar of soap between uses to help them slide easily through the fabric

- Make homemade diaper wipes, free from harmful chemicals and better for the environment: Cut up some soft flannel into your preferred size, you can hem the edged but I didn't bother. You can use baby washclothes if you want, but I found them too small for my preference. Just toss them in the diaper pail to be washed with the diapers.You can use plain water to wet them or use this homemade wipe formula...

1/4 c jojoba oil
1/4 c mild liquid castile soap (like this one!)
1 1/4 c distilled water
8 drops Lavender EO
5 drops Tea tree oil
You can use this 2 ways, you can either mix and put in a spray bottle to shake and spray on dry wipes before use, or you and mix is up, soak your wipes, wring a bit and fold and place in an empty wipes container.

-To wash,  I put set the machine to do a hot wash/ cold rinse cycle, with an extra rinse cycle. I used about 1/4 cup of my homemade laundry detergent (do not use too much detergent, it will cause problems! If you are using a detergent, use about 1/4 of what you would normally use, I wouldn't use more than a tablespoon. If you can smell soap on them once they are washed you used too much!) and about 1/2 cup peroxide (here in Canada you can buy President's Choice GREEN bleach, which is peroxide). I also add about 1/2 cup white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser. When possible I recommend line drying them in the sunshine (sunshine is a fantastic germ killer and will naturally bleach your diapers snowy white) otherwise dry them on a hot setting with NO fabric softener sheet!

-If your little one ends up getting a yeast rash, you are going to have to make sure you get rid of the yeast in the diapers or you will just end up reinfecting them! Common advice is to wash diapers with bleach. I don't recommend this as not only is bleach not the safest chemical to be using, but it won't kill the yeast spores! I resorted to using bleach a couple times and could never figure out why it never seemed to work! I had no idea it didn't kill the spores, so of course the infections would come right back! To kill the yeast AND the spores, wash your diapers as usual on the hottest setting possible and add 1 tsp grapefruit seed extract to the wash and an extra 1/2 cup of peroxide. Add an extra rinse cycle or two (you really want these rinsed well!) and you should be good to go. Do this all twice or even three times if the yeast has been entrenched for a while! Make sure ALL the diapers, wipes, and anything else that came in contact with baby's bottom gets the same treatment. If you have a pressure cooker you could also steam them under high pressure. 15 minutes for a stovetop PC or 30 minutes in an electric one (since they don't get quite as pressurized as a stove top you'll want to make up for the lightly lower temperatures with more time). 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My New Favourite Cornbread

Found this recipe today and decided to try it out. I've never made a cornbread with vanilla in it before and decided it was an oversight worthy of correction. It was really yummy! The only thing I would do different next time would be to add just a little more sugar, as I think the vanilla would really hot off a sweeter cornbread.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This Week's Menu


Breakfast- Cream of Wheat

Lunch- Birthday Pancakes (pancakes made from confetti cake mix) I would have made this for breakfast but I forgot it was my birthday XD

Supper- Oven BBQ chicken, cole slaw, fried potatoes


Breakfast- Biscuits w/ tomato gravy

Lunch- Hamburger soup

Supper- Oven Fried Chicken, macaroni salad, broccoli


Breakfast- French toast

Lunch- Broccoli and cheese soup

Supper- Hamburgers


Breakfast- Milk toast

Lunch- Macaroni and cheese

Supper- Chicken pot pie (make 2 so we can eat one next night on Shabbat)


Breakfast- Apple muffins

Lunch- Poutine

Supper- Chicken pot pie


Breakfast- Cereal

Lunch- Something terribly unhealthy as a late birthday mean while we're out ;)

Supper- Spaghetti

Friday, April 29, 2016

Creamy Mango and Chipotle Turkey

Threw this together for a quick dinner tonight and it turned out just as I imagined. Not the prettiest dish ever, it would definitely benefit from some cilantro to garnish, but it was mighty tasty!

1 can coconut milk
1 tsp salt
2 tsp Mrs. Dash Chipotle seasoning
1 cup frozen mango
3 cups cooked turkey or chicken

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to a gentle boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer gently about 10 minutes. You want the mango to be cooked, but not super mushy. Serve over rice. Amounts are approximate (except for that can of coconut milk lol) I just added until it looked/tasted right so adjust to suit your own tastes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Unleavened Cornbread

Not shockingly, this cornbread is quite dense, but the flavour is good and it's a lifesaver for those cornbread cravings that hit right when using leavening agents are a no-no!

Unleavened Cornbread (Found recipe here)

1 cup cornmeal
1 cup flour
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1/4 cup oil
1 cup milk

Mix well and divide evenly into 12 well greased muffin cups and bake at 425F for 20-25 minutes.
Don't let that first bite throw you, while the texture is not quite what you expect for cornbread (understandably) they are quite addictive! By the time you finish the first one you will want another ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our Favourite Brownies

I LOVE brownies! I love soft and gooey brownies, and I love firm and chewy brownies! I love black bean brownies, I love raw vegan brownies, I love unashamedly bad for you brownies! Stick a brownie in my hand and I'm happy as can be! This is a very easy recipe I have used for many years. Also, since it contains no leavening agents, it's a perfect snack for the spring holidays!

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup cocoa
1/4 tsp salt

Stir together.

2 eggs
3/4 cup sugar
6 tbsp applesauce
2 tbsp oil
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

Whisk together and mix into dry ingredients. Pour into a greased 8x8 pan.

1/4 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

Sprinkle over batter and bake at 350F for 25 minutes. Cool before cutting.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Soft Matzo

During the Passover week (the Feast of Unleavened Bread) we eat unleavened bread (no duh right? lol). While there are plenty of ways to eat the traditional giant cracker type of matzo (unleavened bread) I also make a soft version of unleavened bread every year. We make sandwiches with it, we even use it as a pizza base or garlic bread! You can dress it up however you like, vary toppings, or adding different add ins to the dough.

Basic Soft Matzo

3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
4 eggs
2 tbsp oil or melted butter
1 1/2 cups milk

Beat together well, spread out on a greased rimmed cookie sheet (the bigger the sheet, the thinner the matzo) and bake at 450F for 15-20 minutes.


-Add some herb and garlic seasoning to the dough. After baking top with shredded mozzarella and place under broiler until golden.

-Add some raisins to the dough and while hot top with butter and cinnamon sugar.

-After baking top as a pizza and broil a few minutes.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

You Know....

I try to be very open and honest about where I'm at online. Yes, sometimes it's tempting to clean things up a bit too much, but who doesn't clean up a little when someone's coming over? We all try to put our best foot forwards if you know people are watching! There's a big difference in putting your best foot forward, and painting a completely false picture of yourself! THAT is what I refuse to do. Been there, done that, got my head out of my...well, you know ;). If I find myself doing anything even resembling that, I immediately call myself out on it!

 I've had a rather colourful past online and after taking a break I committed to not coming back to blogging unless I could do it totally authentically. Not trying to scrub my life down and pretend to be better than I am, not getting involved in other people's drama, and not stirring up any of my own. Whatever anyone else may think of me, I am very happy with how I've grown and matured as a person since.

I know that looking at me now and look at me back then must be confusing to say the least! I don't blame you, I never in a million years would have imagined that one day I would be on the path I've found myself on. In fact, I recall getting into a pretty heated argument once with someone who believed as I do now (don't think they still do, but that's their path) and in my mind thought I'd thoroughly defeated their arguments.  Big shocker that I would ever have to eat crow ;). To have pushed my beliefs on others SO VEHEMENTLY and SO OBNOXIOUSLY only to find at the end of my rope that I was wrong about many of them!

This is why I won't make my faith the main focus of my blog again! My walk is MY walk. It's a journey, not a destination. I thought for so many years that it WAS a destination. That I had ARRIVED. It was beyond humbling to realize that not only had I not arrived, I had barely even BEGUN! I am not going to HIDE my faith, but I'm not going to push it on anyone either. There's a big difference. If my faith is everything to me, it's going to colour everything I do, everything I talk about. So it's going to be seen and heard. However talking about my faith and how it affects my life is not the same as telling everyone else they must share my beliefs or they're going to Hell! I've given the judge's gavel back to it's rightful Owner and I am OFF the bench.

However, since my faith IS public, and it IS so different than what I used to push on people, it's understandable that people who have followed me years ago may be a little confused. I get it, believe me! While I won't get into a debate with anyone (those don't solve anything anyway), I would be MORE than happy to answer any questions anyone may have! Instead of making assumptions about it, ASK about it! Instead of talking about me, talk TO me! I would be MORE than happy to explain what I believe more thoroughly, and no, I won't preach at you or condemn you either! I've heard some pretty wild rumors out there lol. I'm not going to get involved in that (the internet seems to bring out the worst in people and nothing I could do or say will change that) but if anyone would like to know what's actually going on with me (my faith, my past, whatever), just ask! Leave me a question in the comments, or if you'd prefer to ask me privately let me know and we can chat via email! Or, if anyone would like me to make a post about what I believe and/or why, I'll do that too!

That's all I wanted to say, we will now return to our regularly scheduled program ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cherry Smoothie Bowl

I think this has to be the prettiest thing I've ever eaten! Not only was it pretty, it was DELICIOUS! It was so easy to make too!

Into the Vitamix went...

1 1/2 cups frozen pitted sweet dark cherries (I get the ones from Costco)
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tsp vanilla
1/4-1/3 cup soaked medjool dates and soak water
squirt liquid stevia (optional)
1 1/2 bananas

Blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl and top as desired. I topped with chopped banana, sliced almonds, chopped kiwi, hemp seeds, goji berries, and chopped peaches. I ran out of room but coconut chips and naturally sweetened dark chocolate chips would have been heavenly as well!